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Uber and Lyft Accident Injuries Lawyer

Uber and Lyft have changed the private person transportation industry. Waiting for a cab is no longer the only option. A quick swipe on your cell phone can hail a driver from either ride sharing company to come give you a quick lift to your destination. While these services are convenient, the drivers are not always as vigilant as they should be when it comes to safety. If you are injured in an automobile accident while riding with Uber or Lyft, you need to know your rights.

Like any transportation company, both Uber and Lyft make more money for more fares, and so do their drivers. The quicker they complete a ride, the more fares a driver can charge during their shift. While safety should be their main concern, both for them and their passengers, some drivers may be more motivated by the money they can make. Speed, distractions and other factors can lead to accidents, causing injury to their passengers and anyone else involved in the accident.

Who Is Liable for Ride Sharing Accidents?

Ride sharing drivers are usually independent contractors, not employees. This can make any injury accident complex. To become an Uber or Lyft driver, a person must meet certain requirements, including insurance coverage for their vehicle and passengers. In addition, the company also carries insurance that covers passengers during the ride. If an Uber or Lyft driver is at-fault for an injury accident, there may be multiple insurance carriers that could be responsible for paying the medical bills and other injury expenses.

It is important to have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side if you are a victim of an Uber or Lyft accident as a passenger. It is also important to have legal representation if a ride share driver hits you or your vehicle, causing an injury. Contact the Law Office of Dwayne L. Brown today. We will give you advice on your options during a free consultation.

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