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Accused of Technology Crimes

Have you been accused of technology crimes in Georgia or Alabama? It is important to seek legal representation right away as many cyber crimes may result in a lengthy sentence. The problem for a lot of defendants is that they don’t even understand the charges against them. The definition of technology crimes is constantly evolving

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The Aftermath Of A Car Wreck

Safer America, Consumer Safety Information, reports that according to FARS (Fatality Analysis Reporting System) data from the National Safety Traffic Administration, the state of Texas had the most traffic fatalities of any state in the U.S. with 3,722. Our state of Georgia came in fourth in the rankings with 1,554. They also report that vehicle

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Special Issues in Automobile Litigation

Sometimes, unusual issues can arise in automobile litigation and this makes it extremely difficult to find the party at fault and receive appropriate financial compensation for the injuries and damages you suffered. These special issues which occur in automobile litigation include: Hit and Run Accidents Hit and run accidents are common and usually occur due

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