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What is Personal Injury?

Sometimes the actions of others — due to negligence or other reasons — can cause you to suffer an accident and multiple forms of bodily injury. But you don’t have to suffer alone. As an experienced personal injury lawyer, attorney Dwayne L. Brown will fight alongside you for your rights and make sure your personal injury claim gets the attention it deserves.

The phrase “personal injury” refers to damage or an injury to a person’s body and/or emotions (in contrast to a the damage or destruction of property). When personal injury comes as the result of what someone else does — or does not — do, then they may be held monetarily responsible for the injury or injuries by a court of law. You could be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical Bills
  • Wage Loss
  • Pain & Suffering
  • Potential Future Medical Expenses

Personal injury lawsuit claims most often arise from car or truck accidents, accidents at work, slip and fall accidents in public places, product defects, medical malpractice, instances of industrial disease (including conditions like mesothelioma and respiratory problems caused by exposure to dangerous and harmful chemicals or substances like asbestos) and assaults, but they can also include cases of character defamation.

While personal injury claims associated with car accidents, medical malpractice and wrongful death are covered in more detail on corresponding pages, personal injury lawyer Dwayne L. Brown also handles other types of personal injury cases including:

Commercial Truck Accidents
Truck accidents are among the most dangerous catastrophes on the road; when large 18-wheel trucks collide with smaller passenger cars, the results can be deadly. Usually, in a serious collision involving a motor vehicle/tractor-trailer, the respective insurance company will retain the services of a competent and experienced defense attorney, a qualified field adjuster and an accident reconstructionist experienced in investigating wrecks. These decisions are made to protect the interests of the insured and to defeat the claims of injured victims or significantly reduce their value. Truck accident cases pose unique challenges because the laws governing interstate commerce are extremely complex. Consequently, it is important that you contact a trustful, reputable personal injury attorney as quickly as possible. Experienced legal representation is essential to properly investigate the accident and accurately assess the circumstances to determine who was responsible.
Product Defects
Product defects can come in the form of design defects, manufacturing defects, improper safety devices or instructions, or marketing defects (failure to warn consumers about hazards or misleading advertising that downplays or distracts from potential dangers with a product). Defective products can be dangerous and harmful to your health, some causing serious personal injury or even death. When injury or death occurs, the manufacturer may be liable for a personal injury claim. Some common injuries caused by defective products include cuts, burns, head injuries and blindness. Personal injury claims associated with product defects can arise from negligence that causes the above dangers but also apply in instances of breach of warranty (when the seller doesn’t deliver on a promise made about a product). Often, more than one person or entity is responsible in a product defect personal injury case, including the manufacturer and all those involved in making and selling the product.
Bodily Injury
When you are injured by someone else in some way, no matter how serious the injury is, you may have a bodily injury claim and may recover compensation for out-of-pocket expenses (medical bills, etc.), “pain and suffering,” and future damages like the loss of income resulting from a life-changing injury and future medical treatments necessary due to the injury.
Slip and Fall Injury
Like the phrase suggests, “slip and fall” injury accidents happen when, for some reason, you slip and fall down. Determining whether you have a personal injury claim when you “slip and fall” depends on a few things, including the presence of a “hazardous condition” (either permanent or temporary) that the property owner should have known about and corrected.

As a personal injury lawyer, Dwayne L. Brown has made it his mission to seek justice and fair compensation for injured victims and their families in the aftermath of car accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractice, and all of the other above tragedies.