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Falling Debris from Trucks Injury Claims Lawyer

Large commercial trucks haul various materials that must be secured and contained for transport. Federal regulations require truck drivers to ensure their loads are within weight limits and are properly secured. Any material or debris that loosens during transport on a large truck can become a hazard on the road, possibly causing serious accidents. Falling debris from commercial trucks can be attributed to truck driver negligence, and they may be held liable for any injuries caused by unsecured loads.

When materials shift or move during transport on a large truck, anyone driving behind the truck can be in danger. Even small items can fly into a windshield, cracking the glass or causing visibility issues. Sharp objects can puncture tires, and spilling liquid can create a slippery roadway. Any material lost from a large truck that causes an accident can be hazardous to other drivers and may be a catalyst for accidents that cause injuries.

Proving Negligence in Falling Debris Accidents

Falling debris from commercial trucks may cause a single vehicle to go off the road or collide with other vehicles. The large truck responsible will likely not be involved in the wreck, but that does not mean the driver, the trucking company and other entities are not liable. It can require extensive investigation to find the responsible truck driver and prove negligence. Items retrieved from the scene and witnesses can help link the accident to the truck with the unsecured load that caused the accident.

When falling materials from a commercial truck cause an injury or fatality accident, it is always a complex process to prove negligence or fault. Trucking companies have legal teams protecting their interests, as do the insurance companies that represent the truck driver and their employers. To win a case against these companies, you need your own legal team to uncover the facts and fight for your right to compensation for injuries and damages. If you were injured in a falling debris truck accident in Georgia, contact the Law Office of Dwayne L. Brown to learn about your options to pursue compensation.

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