If you have been in a car accident due to the negligence of another driver and have suffered injuries and damages to your car, then you have the right to file for a car accident injury lawsuit. This lawsuit will allow you to gain appropriate financial compensation for the damages caused to your car, injuries caused to you and will cover up for any hospital expenses and loss of income. To understand more about car accident injuries litigation, continue reading.

Hire a Attorney

Since the process of filing a car accident injury lawsuit is rather complicated, it is recommended that you hire a professional attorney. The attorney will discuss with you all the important factors related to your case and will help you receive appropriate financial compensation.

Discovery Motions

If you decide you want to continue the case in court, the first step most defendants take is to file for a discovery motions. This act may affect your case and may delay the process of receiving appropriate compensation through court.

Pre-Trial Practice

If you survive the discovery motions, the judge may set a date for trial. Since personal injury cases are placed behind other civil cases, do not be surprised if your trial date is a year ahead. To conclude the case, the judge may order you into mediation.


In mediation, both parties are called out to meet each other and think of an appropriate agreement. If successful, the case need not be extended and will be closed. However, if unsuccessful you will have to simply wait for the trial date to arrive.

The Big Day – Your Case Goes to Trial

There are two types of trials when it comes to personal injury cases, bench trial and jury trial. In bench trial, usually the judge will hear and decide your case. On the other hand, in a jury trial, a group of defendant’s peers decide your case.

So, now that you are familiar with the stages of car accident injuries litigation, you can see the whole process can get complicated. Therefore, it is important you hire a professional personal injury lawyer.